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2023 Durand Cup Schedule Released!

The Durand Cup is one of the most prestigious football tournaments in India, with a rich history dating back to 1888. The 2023 edition of the Durand Cup is eagerly awaited by fans and teams alike, with the schedule recently being released. In this article, we will delve into the details of the 2023 Durand Cup schedule, the teams participating, key fixtures to look out for, and other important information football enthusiasts need to know.

Overview of the Durand Cup

The Durand Cup is named after its founder, Sir Mortimer Durand, who was the Foreign Secretary in British India. It is the third oldest football competition in the world after the English and Scottish FA Cups. The tournament has seen the participation of top clubs from India, as well as international teams, making it a highly anticipated event in the Indian football calendar.

2023 Durand Cup Schedule

The 2023 Durand Cup is set to kick off on August 5, 2023, with the final scheduled to take place on August 26, 2023. The tournament will feature an exciting mix of teams from different leagues, including the Indian Super League (ISL), I-League, and other local clubs. Matches will be held at various venues across the host city, providing fans with the opportunity to witness top-quality football action.

Participating Teams

The 2023 Durand Cup will see a diverse range of teams competing for the prestigious title. Some of the top clubs participating in the tournament include:
1. Mumbai City FC
2. Bengaluru FC
3. East Bengal FC
4. Mohun Bagan AC
5. FC Goa
6. Chennaiyin FC
7. ATK
8. Gokulam Kerala FC

These teams will be vying for glory and looking to showcase their talent on the grand stage of the Durand Cup.

Key Fixtures to Watch

As with any tournament, there are certain fixtures that fans are eagerly looking forward to. Some of the key matches to watch out for in the 2023 Durand Cup include:
Mumbai City FC vs. Bengaluru FC: A clash of two top ISL clubs.
East Bengal FC vs. Mohun Bagan AC: The famous Kolkata derby that never fails to disappoint.
FC Goa vs. Chennaiyin FC: An intriguing battle between two strong teams.
ATK vs. Gokulam Kerala FC: A match that could have significant implications for the knockout stages.

Ticket Information

For fans looking to catch the action live, tickets for the 2023 Durand Cup will be available for purchase online through the official tournament website. Prices will vary depending on the seating category and the stage of the competition. It is advisable to book tickets in advance to secure your spot in the stands and avoid missing out on the excitement of the matches.


The 2023 Durand Cup promises to be a thrilling event for football fans in India, with top clubs battling it out for supremacy on the field. The tournament schedule is packed with exciting fixtures that are sure to keep supporters on the edge of their seats. Be sure to mark your calendars and witness the magic of the Durand Cup unfold this August!


  1. What is the Durand Cup?
  2. The Durand Cup is one of the oldest football tournaments in the world, founded in 1888 in India.

  3. How many teams participate in the 2023 Durand Cup?

  4. The 2023 Durand Cup will see the participation of 8 top teams from various leagues in India.

  5. Where can I buy tickets for the Durand Cup matches?

  6. Tickets for the Durand Cup matches can be purchased online through the official tournament website.

  7. What is the significance of the Kolkata derby in the Durand Cup?

  8. The Kolkata derby between East Bengal FC and Mohun Bagan AC is a historic rivalry in Indian football and always draws a large crowd.

  9. Which team has the most Durand Cup titles?

  10. Mohun Bagan AC holds the record for the most Durand Cup titles, with numerous victories in the tournament’s history.
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